The title of Maître Restaurateur exists since 2007.

This title is delivered by the state, to all French Restaurants who applyed for it.
Restaurants are audited according very precise specifications.

The Association Française des Maîtres Restaurateurs promotes this title to the general public and professionals, and defends values of gastronomy ...

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At a time when French Gastronomy advocates homemade, raw and mostly fresh products, the French Association of Master Restaurateurs brings together passionate professionals who defend these values.

The title of Master Restaurateur is the only one officially recognized by the State, and the Association works closely with the Ministry. Our main mission is to promote the title among professionals and the general public. We wish to work in the interest of professionals, by bringing them recognition, but also in the interest of consumers by providing them with quality cuisine.

The 'Maître Restaurateur' label guarantees that the entire menu respects all aspects of cooking with raw products and gives the customer the certainty of being in front of an establishment of excellence. This unique title and its 3800 members defend the values of French gastronomy and its unique know-how. It promotes the French cultural heritage.
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