Label TWFR


In France, the title « Maître Restaurateur » continues to intensify ! It is valid for 4 years, there is a significant growth in requests for renewal of the title. The « Maître Restaurateur » label guarantees to customers they are going to an establishment of excellence using raw products. This unique title and its 3800 members defend French gastronomy know-how and values.

The French Association « Maîtres Restaurateurs » promotes this title among the general public and professionals. It highlights professionals who campaign for French gastronomy values !

The AFMR role is to help to make it known and recognized throughout the whole world.

The French Association « Maitres Restaurateurs » tries to gather the general public and professionals around/about French gastronomy all over the globe. That is why the AFMR has created the label : THE WORLD’S FRENCH RESTAURANT ! to be compatible with specific features of each country.

This brand is open to the whole range of restaurants from the smallest to the most prestigious.